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[Business] - Manila to host online casino expo

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From a casino expo. 4cm long, metal, adhesive back, loop hinges to 90 degrees. Packaging and website give no clues.

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[Business] - Manila to host online casino expo | Manila Bulletin

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Casino. Expo. Shoppes. BSOD.

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Potawatomi Bingo Casino Expo Center makes entertainment debut - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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@WSJ: Las Vegas Sands is considering a sale of its operations on the city's Strip, including the Venetian and Palazzo casinos and Sands Expo and Convention Center https://t.co/ToqNwhn5Gd

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Any word on expanding city size?

I am having a lot of fun with the game, all bugs aside, i can get through them.
but what i don't like is this small confined space i get to build my town.
After about an few hours i'm out of room.. i end up scrapping all my industrial, and setting workers out of my town for jobs...
I visioned having a industrial park on the out skirts of town, a busy commercial down town with high rise condos/apartments, a rural area with medium wealth homes, hell maybe even a trailer park or 2..
a dedicated waterfront, university area, Powewatesewage
an area for my services, casinos, expo centers ect ect... i wanted a CITY, now a sliver of a town
Now don't get me wrong i enjoy the game, and i will continue to play,
Is there any talk of them expanding the limits that we can build to make it feel like a city again?
i understand there are some limits for the multiply aspect, but maybe there can be a slider when making a region...
you can slide it back and forth, one extreme more players smaller plots, on the other larger plots less multiplayer...
Something like this would make the game a lot more enjoyable to a lot of people, and spreading out your city, can help divert a lot of the traffic issues ECT. ECT..
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France's pavillion for the 1967 Montreal Expo (Now a casino)

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Osaka dreams big with 2025 World Expo and casino plans

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The GOP’s Sheldon Adelson is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, & is the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited, which operates Nevada’s Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and The Sands Expo & Convention Center

The GOP’s Sheldon Adelson is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, & is the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited, which operates Nevada’s Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and The Sands Expo & Convention Center submitted by Hunter-Bywatt to u/Hunter-Bywatt [link] [comments]

Japan IR Expo opens in Osaka as candidates step up efforts to win integrated casino resort licenses

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[Business] - Japan IR Expo opens in Osaka as candidates step up efforts to win integrated casino resort licenses

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[Business] - Japan IR Expo opens in Osaka as candidates step up efforts to win integrated casino resort licenses | The Japan Times

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Kansai execs have big dreams of transport projects ahead of G20, Osaka Expo and possible casino

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[Business] - Kansai execs have big dreams of transport projects ahead of G20, Osaka Expo and possible casino

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[Business] - Kansai execs have big dreams of transport projects ahead of G20, Osaka Expo and possible casino | The Japan Times

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📑 It's the last day to meet DAO.Casino team at the SiGMA Expo, Booth B136. Book a meeting!

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DAO.Casino demo platform withstood a serious test at SiGMA expo. Our team demonstrated a working system with every role – affiliate, bankroller, developer and casino operator were all in place

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Thematic Breakdown

Recently, I took the time to go through the scores of all 23 MCU films and dissect their musical themes and motifs each composer brought to their films! I know that the MCU gets tons of flack for their lack of continuity of themes, and, while I agree, I hope to shed light on the continuity that is there! I have a deep love and appreciation for the MCU's music, and hope this breakdown will be useful! :)
Sidenote: I tried my best to accurately name all of the themes and motifs, but some are not confirmed. I also gave different names for the different themes for a character that might have multiple themes, in hopes that it would tell a better story when listening to the scores, as if the character has grown out of one theme, and into a new one, similar to their growth as a character in the films.
Iron Man - Ramin Djawadi
-Iron Man Tinkerer Theme
'Driving With The Top Down' (0:08)
-Creating New Tech Theme
'Mark II' (0:19)
-Tony and Pepper Theme
'Extra Dry, Extra Olives' (0:00)
-Rescue Theme
'Rescue' (0;29)
-Iron Monger Theme
'Iron Monger' (2:00)
The Incredible Hulk - Craig Armstrong
-Hulk Theme
'Hulk Theme' (0:00)
-Bruce Banner Theme
'Bruce Found' (0:51)
-Bruce and Betty Theme
'Bruce and Betty' (0:00)
Iron Man 2 - John Debney
-Iron Man Redemption Theme
'I Am Iron Man' (0:00)
-Pepper Theme
'Making Pepper CEO' (0:00)
-Ivan Vanko Theme
'Metamorphosis' (0:00)
-Stark Expo Theme
'Make Way For Tomorrow Today' (0:00)
Thor - Patrick Doyle
-Thor King Theme
'Sons of Odin' (0:00)
-Odin Theme (Thanks to u/-faffos- for pointing out this theme!)
'Odin Confesses' (0:00)
-History of Asgard Theme
'Prologue' (0:00)
Captain America: The First Avenger - Alan Silvestri
Returning: Stark Expo Theme
-Captain America Soldier Theme
'Captain America' (0:00)
-Final Goodbye Theme
'"This Is My Choice"' (0:25)
-Planning Theme
'Unauthorized Night Flight' (2:13)
-Infinity Stone Theme
'Schmidt's Treasure' (1:54)
The Avengers - Alan Silvestri
Returning: Captain America Soldier Theme, Infinity Stone Theme, Hulk Theme
-Iron Man Avenger Theme
'Stark Goes Green' (0:24)
-Black Widow Theme
'I Got A Ride' (2:40)
-Avengers Theme
'The Avengers' (0:00)
-Relief Theme
'One Way Trip' (0:52)
-Tony's Sacrifice Theme
'One Way Trip' (3:27)
-Hellicarrier Theme
'Hellicarrier' (0:00)
-Iron Man Suit Up Theme
'Performance Issues' (3:02)
-Loki Theme (Thank you to u/Sammy_Zee for their help finding this theme!)
'Subjugation' (0:10)
Iron Man 3 - Brian Tyler
-Iron Man Hero Theme
'Battle Finale' (0:36)
-Tony's Past Theme
'Isolation' (1:02)
-Mandarin Theme
'Another Lesson From Mandy' (0:44)
-Extremis Theme
'Another Lesson From Mandy' (0:00)
Thor: The Dark World - Brian Tyler
Returning: Captain America Soldier Theme
-Thor Hero Theme
'Thor: The Dark World' (0:00)
-Asgard Theme
'Asgard' (0:06)
-Into Eternity Theme
'Into Eternity' (2:50)
-Loki Theme (Thanks to u/Verb_Noun_Number for their help finding this them!)
'Shadows of Loki' (1:05)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Henry Jackman
Returning: Captain America Soldier Theme
-Captain America Fugitive Theme
'Taking a Stand' (0:00)
-Falcon Theme
'Into the Fray' (1:40)
-The Winter Soldier Theme
'The Winter Soldier' (0:00)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 - Tyler Bates
-Guardians of the Galaxy Theme
'Black Tears' (1:59)
-Ronan Theme
'Ronan's Theme' (0:00)
-Sacrifice Theme
'Sacrifice' (0:24)
-Groot Theme
'Groot Spores' (0:00)
-Meredith Quill Theme
'To The Stars' (0:00)
-Nova Corps. Theme
'Ballad of the Nova Corps. (Instrumental)' (0:44)
-Morag Theme
'Morag' (0:00)
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Danny Elfman & Brian Tyler
Returning: Avengers Theme, Iron Man Hero Theme, Thor Hero Theme, Captain America Soldier Theme, Hellicarrier Theme
-Age of Ultron Theme
'Heroes' (0:00)
-Ultron Theme
'Avengers: Age of Ultron Title' (0:27)
-Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver Theme
'Can You Stop This' (0:33)
-Vision Theme
'Rise Together' (2:13)
-Hulk and Black Widow Theme
'Breaking and Entering' (2:17)
-Peace Theme
'Hulkbuster' (3:59)
Ant-Man - Christophe Beck
Returning: Avengers Theme, Falcon Theme
-Ant-Man Theme
'Theme From Ant-Man' (0:00)
-Family Theme
'Small Sacrifice' (0:06)
-Ants Theme
'Tiny Telepathy' (0:21)
-Yellowjacket Theme
'The Water Main' (0:00)
Captain America: Civil War - Henry Jackman
Returning: Avengers Theme, The Winter Soldier Theme, Captain America Fugitive Theme
-Civil War Theme
'Civil War' (0:54)
-Consequences Theme
'Celestial Bodies' (0:00)
-Iron Man Enemy Theme
'Making Amends' (1:16)
-Spider-Man Rookie Theme
'A New Recruit' (0:32)
-Black Panther Hunter Theme
'The Tunnel' (3:36)
-Zemo Theme
'Siberian Overture' (0:00)
Doctor Strange - Michael Giacchino
-Doctor Strange Theme
'Astral Worlds Worst Killer' (4:28)
-Strange's Potential
'The Hands Dealt' (0:00)
-The Ancient One
'Ancient Sorcerer's Secret' (1:25)
-Dormammu Theme
'Reading is Fundamental' (0:00)
-Strange and Palmer
'Post Op Paracosm' (0:00)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Tyler Bates
Returning: Guardians of the Galaxy Theme, Meredith Quill Theme
-Fathers Theme
'Family History' (0:00)
-Sovereign Theme
'The Mantis Touch' (0:28)
Spider-Man: Homecoming - Michael Giacchino (My Favorite Score)
Returning: Avengers Theme
-Spider-Man Hero Theme
'Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite' (0:00)
-Vulture Theme
'Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite' (2:51)
-Iron Man Mentor Theme
'A Stark Contrast' (0:41)
-Peter and Liz Theme
'Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite' (3:50)
-Peter Parker Theme
'The Baby Monitor Protocol' (0:16)
Thor: Ragnarok - Mark Mothersbaugh
Returning: Thor King Theme, Hulk and Black Widow Theme, The Lonely Man Theme, Doctor Strange Theme, Into Eternity Theme
-Thor Leader Theme
'Thor: Ragnarok' (0:43)
-Ragnarok Theme
'Ragnarok Suite' (3:06)
-Hela Theme
'Twilight of the Gods' (4:03)
-Twilight of the Gods Theme
'Twilight of the Gods' (0:00)
Black Panther - Ludwig Göransson (Academy Award Winning Score)
-Black Panther King Theme
'Wakanda' (1:24)
-Kilmonger Theme
'Kilmonger' (2:24)
-Dora Milaje Theme
'Casino Brawl' (2:36)
-Ancestry Theme
'Ancestral Plane' (2:55)
-Royal Talon Fighter Theme
'Glory to Bast' (0:27)
Avengers: Infinity War - Alan Silvestri
Returning: Avengers Theme, Infinity Stone Theme, Black Panther King Theme, Doctor Strange Theme, Planning Theme, Final Goodbye Theme, Iron Man Suit Up Theme
-Thanos Theme
'Travel Delays' (0:11)
-Thanos' Goals Theme
'Porch' (0:00)
-Black Order Theme
'Travel Delays' (2:56)
-Thor Redemption Theme
'Travel Delays' (4:15)
-Tony and Pepper Parents Theme
'No More Surprises' (0:00)
-Vormir Theme
'A Small Price' (2:09)
-Getting a Stone Theme
'Undying Fidelity' (1:39)
Ant-Man and The Wasp - Christophe Beck
Returning: Ant-Man Theme, Family Theme, Ants Theme
-The Wasp Theme
'It Ain't Over Till The Wasp Lady Stings' (0:00)
-Ghost Theme
'Revivification' (1:34)
-Hank Pym Theme
'Arthropodie' (0:00)
Captain Marvel - Pinar Toprak
Returning: Avengers Theme
-Captain Marvel Theme
'Captain Marvel' (0:00)
-Skrull Theme
'High Score' (0:26)
-Star Force Theme
'Let's Bring Him Home' (0:41)
-S.H.I.E.L.D. Theme
'Escaping the Basement' (2:42)
-Pursuit Theme
’Lost the Target’ (0:00)
-Vers and Yon-Rogg Theme
(Not on the soundtrack, but heard at 4:30 and 1:44:08 in the film)
Avengers: Endgame - Alan Silvestri
Returning: Avengers Theme, Captain Marvel Theme, Doctor Strange Theme, Ant-Man Theme, Captain America Soldier Theme, Black Widow Theme, Relief Theme, Final Goodbye Theme, Twilight of the Gods Theme, Thanos Theme, Thanos' Goals Theme, Infinity Stones Theme, Black Order Theme, Tony and Pepper Parents Theme, Vormir Theme, Morag Theme, Planning Theme
-Portals Theme (Bringing Back the Snapped)
'Portals' (0:13)
-Tony's Fate Theme
'You Did Good' (1:21)
-The Real Hero Theme (Death of Tony)
'The Real Hero' (0:00)
-Black Widow and Hawkeye Theme
'You Shouldn't Be Here' (1:56)
Spider-Man: Far From Home - Michael Giacchino
Returning: Avengers Theme, Spider-Man Hero Theme, Iron Man Mentor Theme
-Mysterio Theme
'Far From Home Suite Home' (4:58)
-The Elementals Theme
'Multiple Realities' (2:06)
-Peter and MJ
'Far From Home Suite Home' (2:29)
-S.W.O.R.D. Theme
'Far From Home Suite Home' (4:00)
That concludes my thematic breakdown of all 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe scores! I will continue to update this breakdown as Phase 4 rolls out! If you have any comments or ideas on the themes, please leave a comment below and I would love to discuss it with you! Thank you to Marvel Studios and all the composers for creating a vast universe of great themes! We love you 3000!
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Alive Entertainment on LinkedIn: "The Alive Casino in the ICE Totally Gaming Expo, London."

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Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Exploring $6 Billion Sale of Vegas Casinos

(Bad) sign of things to come for Vegas? Surprised that Adelson would want to sell basically at the lows; things must be looking pretty bleak on the Strip to consider dumping Las Vegas.
News Wire
Company News
Investing 17m ago
Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Exploring $6 Billion Sale of Vegas Casinos Gillian Tan and Christopher Palmeri, Bloomberg News
Pedestrians pass in front of the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020. Las Vegas Sands Corp. is scheduled to release earnings figures on October 21. Pedestrians pass in front of the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020. Las Vegas Sands Corp. is scheduled to release earnings figures on October 21. , Bloomberg
(Bloomberg) -- Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp. is exploring the sale of its flagship casinos in Las Vegas, according to people familiar with the matter, a move that would mark the mogul’s departure from the gambling mecca.
The casino operator is working with an adviser to solicit interest from potential suitors, and may fetch $6 billion or more for its Vegas properties, said the people, who asked to not be identified because the talks are private.
The portfolio includes the Sands Expo Convention Center, the Venetian Resort Las Vegas and the Palazzo.
A representative for the company confirmed it was in very early discussions about a sale and that nothing has been finalized.
A sale would result in Adelson, one of the world’s richest men, exiting the U.S., with his remaining casino assets concentrated in Macau and Singapore.
Adelson is chairman, chief executive officer and a majority shareholder of Las Vegas Sands, which has a market value of $37.5 billion.
The stock rose as high as 12% in after-hours trading Monday, after Bloomberg reported on the news of the deal. The stock had closed down 3.1% to $49.13.
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An Overly Long Fanmade Ace Attorney 7: Echoes of Discord Pitch: Episode 1. Possible spoilers for all main games (AA1-6)

Hey, everyone! Over the past few weeks, I've been making up a plotline that I think would fit for the inevitable Ace Attorney 7, whenever it releases. As of right now, I only have Episode 1 fully plotted out, but I'll put some of my ideas for the other cases at the end of the post as an author's note, of sorts. Considering how much I wrote for the tutorial case alone, I don't know if I'll ever continue this project, because Case 2, a case with 2 investigations and 2 trials, would basically be 4 times the length of this case, and I don't know if I have the talent to write a compelling mystery that would do a case of that length justice.
The overall concept of the game would be to focus mainly on Athena and Phoenix, and it would involve Phoenix attempting to institute the Jurist System while Athena would have to deal with the Phantom's organization and her past at the Cosmos Space Center and in university. The lawyer-case distribution would be as follows: Phoenix gets 7-1 (tutorial) and 7-4 (filler), Athena would get 7-2, 7-3, and 7-5, which would all be plot relevant, and Apollo would get a Rise from the Ashes style case in Khura'in, which would be unlocked after completing the game instead of being offered as a DLC case.
As this is my ideal version of Ace Attorney 7, I've taken some liberties that the writers at Capcom might not do, as I've taken the Payne brothers out of the main story entirely, but they'll still be in the game in the Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney case, which is unlocked after beating the tutorial case. Also, a beloved character from the original trilogy is the victim of the first case of the game, which might be controversial. But I think that the story will be overall more compelling with the changes that I've made, so without further ado, here's the first episode of Ace Attorney: Echoes of Discord!
Episode 1: Turnabout Terror
Date: Late March 2029
Location: Skye Detective Agency
Defendant: Ema Skye
Attorney: Phoenix Wright
Co-Counsel: Athena Cykes
Synopsis: Nine months have passed since the revolution in Khura’in, and after many deliberations, Phoenix has finally regained the trust of the legal system of LA and instituted the Jurist System, which has now been slightly modified since the events of Apollo Justice, the biggest change being the fact that the jurors are present in the court room, like in DGS.
For the first official case under the Jurist System, Phoenix is defending Ema Skye, who has been accused of murdering her older sister, Lana Skye, at the Skye Detective Agency. Ema had been working a case abroad in Khura’in, and as soon as she returned to the US, she went to visit her sister, who became a private investigator after losing faith in the justice system because of Phoenix’s disbarment and the UR-1 incident. When Ema entered the office however, she found her sister dead from an apparent poisoning. Desperate to find out who did it, she dusted the entire scene for fingerprints, not even thinking about preserving the scene. But while she was in the middle of her forensic investigation, Lana’s co-worker, Elias Coggs (Age ???) walked in on her, and contacted the police. When the officers arrived, it was discovered that Lana ingested some Atroquinine poison from her cup of tea, and since it hadn’t been manufactured in the country for two years, Ema became the prime suspect, since she just came back from Khura’in.
In the defendant lobby, Phoenix and Athena are discussing the case with Ema, and she claims that her own fingerprints were found on the bottle of poison, to which Athena and Phoenix are shocked. But she rationalizes that she must have touched the bottle when she was in a state of panic while investigating the crime scene. In the middle of their discussion, Juniper Woods enters the lobby, and she explains to Athena and Phoenix that she will be the forewoman of the jury today. She is nervous, but she’s also treating this as her first official trial experience for when she becomes a judge herself. She gives Phoenix and Athena a newspaper article that is advertising the current trial, saying that she had a hunch that they’d need it. The bailiffs call for the trial to start, and Ema mutters under her breath that the “glimmerous fop” is going to make a spectacle of her sister’s murder.
The trial begins, and Klavier Gavin is revealed to be the prosecutor in charge of this case. He reveals that he’d decided to take the case due to the recent shortage of prosecutors due to the Paynes and others being fired for their incompetence and corruption by Miles Edgeworth. He displays remorse over being the reason why Phoenix lost his badge seven years ago but says that he’s still fired up for a rematch. The judge introduces the 5 jurors for the trial, who are Juniper Woods (No. 1), a male reporter from the Reality News Network (No. 2), Delicia Scones (No. 3), a female computer programmer from Blue Screens Inc. (No. 4), and a young butler resembling Shelly de Killer (No. 5). The judge then admits that he hasn’t studied up on how the reformed jurist system works, and asks Phoenix if he could give him a refresher on how the trial would work, which would serve as the tutorial for the case.
Klavier calls Ema to the stand as his first witness, and she reluctantly agrees to testify about what happened on that day. She has a press-all testimony, which is pretty much identical to what she told Phoenix and Athena in the lobby, but after the testimony ends, the jury goes into a panic because all of them, minus Juniper, are convinced of Ema’s guilt. Athena becomes overwhelmed from the discord from all the jurors’ hearts, and this is where the new trial gameplay mechanic, Discordant Reasoning, is introduced. This would be similar to the Panic Debate from Danganronpa V3, where you have to pick out the statement out of the 5 jurors that’s causing the discord, based on reading their emotions like in the Mood Matrix. The Mood Matrix has now been relegated to investigations because of reasons pertaining to the main prosecutor of the game, and now works similarly to Logic Chess from Investigations 2. After presenting the article that Juniper gave them to the juror that caused the discord, the reporter from the Reality News Network, Ema resumes her testimony.
She assumes that her sister’s killer had recently fled the scene, since she had recently succumbed to the poison when she arrived at the crime scene, but Phoenix points out that the killer could’ve left way earlier, since Atroquinine is a slow acting poison. Ema then gets emotional, saying that she got so caught up in the moment seeing her sister dead that she couldn’t perform a proper investigation into her death. She is overcome by remorse due to the knowledge that she never would’ve been quick enough to stop her sister’s killer. She outright blames Klavier for what happened, saying that if he hadn’t accused Phoenix of forging evidence nine years ago, then Lana wouldn’t have lost faith in the court system, which wouldn’t have lead to her becoming a P.I. after getting out of prison.
Klavier reassures Ema, asking her if she knows the real reason why he took the trial. It turns out, he was certain of her innocence from the beginning, and intended to use the common sense of the Jurist System to prove her innocence. He says that he understands why she might feel the way she does about him, but the show must go on, and the only way the truth will ever be reached is if the defendant tells everything that they know, even if it’s just a hunch. With newfound courage, Ema posits that there might be a clue in Lana’s files on her computer, as Lana had confided in her that she’d been performing an investigation on a high-profile case the last time they saw each other. Luckily for them, Elias Coggs had already looked through Lana’s files and emails, and was waiting in the lobby to testify.
Klavier excuses Ema from the stand for the time being, and calls Elias Coggs to the stand. He appears to be a middle-aged man with a mechanical prosthetic arm, leg, and eye, giving him the appearance of a cyborg. Klavier asks Coggs to state his name and occupation, and he complies, but when probed about his past, he states that it’s classified information. He was put into the Witness Protection Program a long time ago after an incident involving his accident, and can’t disclose anything about his past that isn’t related to the case.
His testimony begins, and he states that on Lana’s computer, he found that on the day of the incident, she had been exchanging emails with two different people. The first being Connie Scout (Age 29), her most recent client, and the second being Phoebe Coronus (Age 41), an old friend of hers from overseas. After probing into his testimony, he admits that the case that Lana was investigating was an international affair, and that Coronus was helping her in the investigation. He also reveals that it appears that a USB was stolen from Lana’s office, but again, he cannot reveal its contents.
Suspicions are raised immediately on Coggs, but Klavier verifies that he had an alibi, as he had been at his doctor’s office all afternoon. As Coronus is still in Europe, it becomes evident that the prime suspect for the murder has to be Connie Scout, who is a computer science major at Ivy University. The judge calls for a 30 minute recess, but right before it begins, Coggs requests that Phoenix and Athena get to the bottom of Lana’s death, as the case at hand means a lot to him.
During the recess, Ema apologizes for her outburst in court, and explains the case that Lana, Coronus and Coggs were investigating in more detail. Apparently, the organization they were looking into was an international spy ring that had previously mainly been involved in various acts of cyberterrorism, but she reveals that it was actually the very same organization that sent the Phantom over during the UR-1 Incident nine years ago. Athena is shocked, as she recounts how that was the same organization that killed her mother and caused the incident at the Cosmos Space Center two years ago. Ema is surprised to hear this, as Lana hadn’t informed her of the exact details of the case, and she realizes it was probably out of fear that she herself would become a target of the organization.
Suddenly, Trucy Wright appears in the defendant lobby with two important pieces of evidence retrieved from Miles Edgeworth, a report of a supposed smuggling of contraband into the country and a breach of cybersecurity at the Criminal Affairs Department. Trucy questions how these pieces of evidence pertain to the case at hand, but Phoenix and Athena clearly have a suspect in mind. The bailiffs announce that the recess is over, and Trucy says that she’ll be watching the trial from the gallery.
Court reconvenes, and Klavier calls Connie to the stand. She has a visor over her face and has orange dyed hair like Athena, but otherwise she has the appearance of a normal university student. She introduces herself as a foreign exchange student from Borginia, and explains that Connie Scout was the name she chose for herself when she came to study from abroad. Klavier asks her how she knew the defendant, to which she responds that she met her at a Forensics Investigation Seminar that was being held at the University a month ago, along with Ema Skye. While she was there, she was given a luminol bottle from Ema as a gift for attending it. Afterward, she asked Lana Skye to investigate a crime of her own, though she doesn’t reveal what it is.
Throughout her testimony, her lies are exposed, and she becomes the prime suspect for the breach of cybersecurity at Criminal Affairs and the murder of Lana Skye. Phoenix argues that it would’ve been feasible for Scout to have been the one who had the poison smuggled into the country. But the final contradiction in the case is how Ema’s fingerprints managed to get on the bottle of Atroquinine.
The thought route begins, and after deducing that she had likely been a part of the Phantom’s organization, that she was likely the one who hacked into the Criminal Affairs Department, and considering her meeting with Ema and Lana one month ago, it becomes apparent that she could’ve obtained the fingerprints off of the luminol bottle and modified the fingerprints on the bottle of poison to look like Ema’s using the information obtained from her hacking of the Criminal Affairs Department, just like how the Phantom had framed Athena at the Space Center two years prior.
Connie then confesses everything. She had been a member of the Phantom’s organization, and she had been attempting to erase as many traces of her organization’s crimes that she could. Her only reason for attending the seminar one month ago was to get some info on Lana Skye, so that she could trail her and learn everything that she knew about her own organization. She arranged for a meeting to discuss a possible case for Lana to take on, but that was all a farce-what she really wanted was the USB Lana had in her possession. When she wasn’t looking, she slipped the poison into Lana’s tea, and left the scene after stealing what she needed. When probed about the USB, she says that she already passed it on to another member of the organization.
With the suspect having confessed, Klavier calls Ema back to the stand. He and Ema have a conversation, and while Ema is still annoyed by his carefree attitude, she acknowledges that she would’ve been found guilty if Klavier hadn’t given her the opportunity to speak, and thanks him for his help. The judge then pronounces Ema not guilty.
In the defendant lobby, Ema thanks Phoenix and Athena for defending her, and they’re soon joined by Klavier and Trucy. Ema, while thankful that the gang found her innocent, is still understandably traumatized over her sister’s death. She expresses doubts about her career choice, considering she never imagined she’d have to investigate her own sister’s body, and she’s now considering leaving her position permanently.
Phoenix presents her the luminol bottle that she gave to Scout, and asks her to remember when she began to take an interest in forensics. After recounting how her sister had given her a forensics investigations book when she was young, and briefly referencing the events of Rise from the Ashes, Phoenix reminds her of all of the strides she’s made since then, and all of the times she’s helped the Wright Anything Agency solve cases in the past thanks to her impeccable forensics work. He then reminds her that he had to deal with many bumps in the road himself throughout his career as an attorney, and that he had to learn some lessons that changed his outlook on the legal system. He encourages her to follow her own path in life, but reminds her that he and Athena would greatly miss having her around to help solve cases. Ema, moved by Phoenix’s speech, thanks him for the kind words.
Trucy then brings up one last thing that she still doesn’t understand about the trial, those being who Elias Coggs and Phoebe Coronus are. Ema explains that she doesn’t really know who Elias Coggs is, but she does know who Coronus is. She was Ema’s former mentor that took care of her when she first went to Europe to study, and she’s now an international forensics prosecutor. It turns out she intended to be present in the gallery for Ema’s trial, but due to a delay in her flight to LA, she couldn’t make it. Ema then theorizes that working a case with her former mentor might help reinvigorate her love for forensics. Her and Klavier have to attend to some business at the Prosecutor’s Office, and they leave together.
To wrap up the case, Trucy brings up three invitations that Juniper had passed on to her for Phoenix, Athena, and herself to attend a Murder Mystery Party at the Woods Manor out in the mountains as a celebration of Juniper recently graduating from Themis Academy while also serving as a way of thanking Phoenix and Athena for defending her two years prior. Trucy declines her invitation, as she has to practice for her first international gig that she’ll be performing with Klavier and Lamiroir, but she encourages Phoenix and Athena to go. They both agree to go, and the case ends with Phoenix’s internal monologue reminiscing about all of the trials and tribulations he’s had to go through to revamp the legal system, and that he never could’ve gotten there without the help of his colleagues.
Author's notes:
-I know that killing off Lana Skye might be controversial, but I felt that she made the most sense as the first victim, considering her friend from Europe, who I've named Phoebe Coronus, would make a more interesting rival for Athena, as her adherence to the scientific method and traditionalist views on the Jurist System would be a perfect foil to Athena's more psychological driven methods and her desire to revolutionize the court system along with Phoenix. It also gives Ema another character arc of doubting if her childhood dream was really her true calling in life, which I feel would be a natural progression for Ema's character, since she has a different conflict in every game that she appears in. Finally, it just gives more opportunity to expand on Athena's time studying in Europe, since Ema and Coronus could now fit into that timeline organically. Lana's role in the story wouldn't be forgotten after case 1 either, as two of the most important characters in the game have close connections to her, which would have a huge impact on the trajectory of the story as a whole, which I feel is an important aspect that the first case needs to establish.
-The pun names for this case are:
Elias Coggs (Alias and Cogs, which refers to his past under the Witness Protection Program as well as his cyborg like appearance.)
Connie Scout (Con and Scout, because she's conning everybody into thinking she's just an ordinary university student while also being a spy for the Phantom's organization.)
Phoebe Coronus (Her last name refers to her profession as a coroner. Her first and last name actually have a secret meaning as well if one of the letters from her last name is removed, but I'll leave it up to you to see if you can decipher the real meaning behind her name.
-Lastly, here are the basic plotlines for the other cases of the game. These are only going to be a couple sentences each, since this post has gone on long enough already.
Episode 2-Turnabout Judgment: Picking up right where we left off, Phoenix and Athena attend the Murder Mystery Party organized by Juniper's grandmother, Willow Woods, and Juniper notes that the victim in the game bears similarities to how her own grandfather died a year ago. But when one of the guests at the party winds up dead, it's Juniper's grandmother, a former judge, that ends up in the defendant's seat, and Juniper and Athena team up to acquit her of all charges against prosecutor Phoebe Coronus while Phoenix is off helping another guest at the party with a matter of their own. Loosely based on a fancase on Ace Attorney Online: A Game of Turnabout.
Episode 3-The Sponsored Turnabout: During the Summer Olympics, Juniper, Athena, and Simon Blackquill all attend a game together. But when a stray firecracker causes an explosion that causes some debris to crash onto the referee for the game, a former Borginian athlete who had a grudge against the victim and is suspected to be part of the Phantom's organization ends up in the defendant's chair, and Blackquill encourages Athena and Juniper to take on the case due to a previous connection with the defendant, and the trio have to rethink their own biases against the suspect to eventually take down the true culprit of the case, the Executive of the Reality News Network who perpetuated the myth of the Dark Age of the Law after the UR-1 incident. Coronus is still the prosecutor for this case.
Episode 4-Turnabout Roulette: In the filler case of the game, Trucy makes reservations at a fancy bar where she's planning on showing Phoenix part of her upcoming performance, but when the two realize that she accidentally made reservations at the Rivales Casino, and a shooting occurs in the middle of the day, Phoenix is forced into defending Brawly Rivales after his own father was murdered. Coronus is the prosecutor again in this trial, but she's noticably more lenient on Phoenix. The main focus of the case would be on the relationship between Phoenix and Trucy.
Episode 5-Turnabout for Justice: A science expo is being held at the Cosmos Space Center, and the five participants in the showcase are Ema Skye, Phoebe Coronus, Elias Coggs, a C.E.O. of a famous company, who is also sponsoring the event, and surprisingly Aura Blackquill are all participating in the event. But when an accidental explosion occurs in the middle of the event, everyone is evacuated from the scene with two notable exceptions: Phoebe Coronus and Aura Blackquill. After the fire dies down a bit, some officers go in to investigate the scene, and are surprised to find Aura Blackquill leaning over the victim, Phoebe Coronus's body. Aura Blackquill is named the prime suspect for the case, and it's up to Athena and Blackquill to find her innocence, as Phoenix and Trucy don't want anything to do with her after the kidnapping incident two years ago, and Juniper is rooting for her guilt as well, since she remembers how she used to hate Athena all those years ago. Willow Woods would be the judge for this trial, and Miles Edgeworth calls in prosecutor Franziska von Karma to head the case.
Episode Special-Turnabout Reconciliation: It's been one year since Garan has been dethroned, and Khura'in is hosting an international arts festival as an act of goodwill to its new allies. Trucy, Klavier, and Lamiroir are all participating in their own act in the show, and Ema was invited by Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi as well. But when a murder happens in the middle of the show, Lamiroir is under suspicion of murder, and Apollo and Trucy finally learn their familial secret. Prosecutor Sahdmadhi is the prosecutor for the case, and Rayfa and Amara make some cameo appearances as well.
Sorry for the long post lol. Tell me what you think of these ideas in the comments.
submitted by TheRawk01 to AceAttorney [link] [comments]

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